Data Security Policy

Data security is the practice of protecting digital information from manipulation and unauthorized access during its entire life cycle. The focus behind data security is to ensure privacy while protecting personal or corporate data. It helps reduce risk and enables a business or agency to respond quickly to threats. 

Here are the data security policies that Migrationpro complies with:

Server Policy

Server security refers to the protection of data assets provided through a web server. All migration jobs we handle at Migrationpro will be carried out on CONTABO servers located in Germany and used not only across European locations, but all over the world. CONTABO has taken the following steps to protect the security of data centers and facilities:

  • 24/7 monitoring to check for access
  • Access to control terminals is limited to authorized employees via a transponder key
  • Network firewalls
  • DDoS preventions

Data Security

We provide protection for your data using HTTPS protocol and 128-bit SSL encryption by using COMODO CA. We respect your privacy and that's why we don't store your data on our servers. We will perform migration from the Source Store to the Target Store absolutely securely.

Data Access Security

Data access is the on-demand, authorized ability to retrieve, modify, copy, or move data from IT systems. Authorized Migrationpro employees have access to the source code, may handle migration requests, and respond to customer support queries. They each have their own set of credentials and are only able to access particular software sections from specified IP addresses.

GDPR Compliance

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is an EU-wide regulation that controls how companies and organizations handle personal data. Migrationpro is GDPR compliant. This means that we will protect your privacy, keep your data safe, and give you full control over the information you provide the website.

Non-Disclosure Agreement

A non-disclosure agreement (NDA) is an agreement between (at least) two parties, where one is the provider of the information and another is the receiver. We delete your credentials after the completion of the migration. Be sure that our techs will not disclose your data to any third parties. An NDA will be signed between yourself and our representative before the start of this process to get you 100% comfortable with the steps we take to protect your data.

Payment Security

Payment security involves the steps businesses take to make sure that their customers’ data is protected and to avoid unauthorized transactions and data breaches. Migrationpro is using PayPal, the world's leading payment processing company and Stripe, the leader in terms of the number of advantages among all payment systems that use plastic cards for secure Internet payments. Customer payment information is processed through these systems and Migrationpro does not keep any of the customer payment data, including credit card numbers or bank account information.